About Us

Ben and Alice Moseley have been rearing geese at Summerhill since 2007.

When we started rearing geese we were fortunate to have John and Jill Burns nearby, a local supplier of organic goslings, who were able to meet our requirements, both in numbers, as our business grew, and quality, producing meaty geese with excellent conformation for Christmas.

John and Jill Burns have been breeding geese for over 20 years, converting to organic production over 10 years ago. Through careful selection of breeding pairs and pedigree lines they have developed a strain of Embden type geese suited to organic and free range systems.

When John decided that he wanted to scale down his activities we came to the conclusion that these lines were too good to be allowed to disappear and decided to work together to keep the flock going. In August 2012 we hand selected the breeding birds and moved them the short distance to Summerhill where they soon settled in so that they would be in top condition come the breeding season.

John will continue to select and keep pedigree pairs in order to supply replacements and maintain the closed nature of the flock (no goslings or geese are introduced from elsewhere). This will ensure that the quality of the goslings continues to improve and meet the demands of our customers.